Midway Presentation of the SMG Project

Introduction: To offer a forum for teams for present their financial investment strategies and to listen to peer criticism.

Purpose: For teams to orally and formally (written report) defend their investment knowledge, while gaining peer review criticism.

Due Date: During the week of January 18-21; 200 points. While delays are inevitable with projects, it is discouraged. If your team will not be ready on the assigned due date, have your team leader contact me, via email, detailing the issues of your delay and a suggested time frame for completion. There will be a 1% deduction per day for teams not ready by the due date.

Tasks: Each team is to write a narrative report detailing their previous 20-week investment strategy to include a visual presentation of data using Prezi:
  1. A written report detailing the rational for why your team has invested the initial $100,000 into the particular industrial market corporations - supported with information and data. (rubric)
  2. Create at least three graphs (a bar, circle, and line) supporting your written information and data. (rubric)
  3. Using Prezi, a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool, integrate your graphs and oral narrative for a supportive visual presentation. (rubric)
  4. Oral report needs to last at least 10-minutes. (rubric)

Wikipedia is to be used as a starting point for your team's research and not used as a final reference source.