The SMG Presentation has four elements to the grading - Oral Presentation (25 pts), Peer Review (25 pts), Portfolio Analysis Written Report (100 pts), and graphing (three graphs 25 pts). In writing your report structure it as a persuasive essay, making your team's case that each member has mastered sections of the project:

  1. Introduction
  2. Portfolio Rational - Why the team bought the companies they did.
  3. Company Profile - Pick any company from the team's portfolio and give a summary (history, good/service produced, history of share value).
  4. Regrets - What errors did your team commit? What would you do differently?
  5. Conclusion.

Immersed into the essay, support your writings with at least three graphs, line, bar, circle, in the appropriate context. Place the graphs onto a slide, using PowerPoint or Keynote, for classroom viewing, as you support your argument (We are good!). Required are three slides, although you may include addition slides if needed, i.e. title slide, conclusion.

Make sure that the slide presentation is choreographed with the oral reporting.

(Oral Presentation SMG)
(Peer Review SMG)
(Not this year)
(Not this year)
(Portfolio Analysis Report SMG)
(Graphing Rubric - Three Graphs: Line, Bar, Circle Needed)