Description - Identifying Ticker Symbols and Interpreting Stock Quotes
This lesson will help you to understand and locate ticker symbols in order to trade stock.

After this activity you need to be able to…
  • …Identify stocks by ticker symbol.
  • …Determine how to look up a ticker symbol.
  • …Analyze a stock table to understand important elements such as dividends and P/E ratios.
  • …Gather data from both print and Internet.
  • ...Enter purchase orders and/or make a trade on The Stock Market Game website.
  • ...Demonstrate the ability to use each of the following terms: share or stock, dividend, P/E ratio, volume or sales, net change.

  • Answer these questions as a team in your team's wiki site using complete sentences.
  • To begin buying stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, follow the directions on this handout. Feel free to print it out.
  • Pick an industry, or more, that you each want to become a specialist in.
  • Don't forget to consider bonds and mutual funds in your team's portfolio.

Be able to discuss in small group discussion the knowledge you individually gained.