Description - What is Risk?
This lesson will help you understand that there is some level of risk in all investments.

After this activity you need to be able to…
  • Define and illustrate the three major kinds of risk.
  • Examine companies and determine the risk involved in investing in these companies.
  • Read the article on Investment Risk individually.
  • Answer these questions as a team using complete sentences.
  • If you finish this week's work begin to create a list of potential public corporations that your team might be investing into by purchasing stock. Companies like Apple, Google, IBM, PP&L, there are hundreds in the U.S. market. Also consider bonds and mutual funds. You'll need to have a list of near 50 corporation on hand to research, so start collecting your winning team portfolio now! Create the list on your wiki site.

Be able to discuss in small group discussion the knowledge you individually gained.