Description - What is an Exchange/Market?
This lesson will help you examine the various functions of the stock exchanges.

After this activity you need to be able to…
  • Explain the role of exchanges in shaping the market place.
  • Compare and contrast standard listing requirements for each exchange.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantage of listing with the NYSE, NASDAQ, and AMEX.
  • Describe the differences between a dealers market and an auction market.
  • Draw conclusions as to whether the exchange on which a stock is listed should impact the choices made by SMG teams.
  • Draw conclusions as to the role technology has played in changing the work and impact of the stock market.

  • Using the the following links as a beginning reference source, print out the chart below and complete as a team.
  • NYSE
  • AMEX

Be able to discuss in small group discussion the knowledge you individually gained.