1. Why did Milton think his chocolate candy would sell?
He thought his candy would sell because it was tasty chocolate for a good price.
2. Where did he get the money to start making chocolate?
He got the money from his mothers family, and then from a british importer who bought his candy and gave him money. To get enough money for his chocolate company, he sold his carmel company for 1 million dollars and started the Chocolate Company.
3. What type of company did Hershey have before he incorporated?
MIlton owned a carmel candy company.
4. What benefits do you think Milton gained from forming a corporation?
He gained health benefits, insurance benefits and he gets lost of investing money.
5. Why would people today want to invest in the Hershey Company?
People would want to invest in Hershey because it is the number one candy company, and it has been around for a long time; and its really high right now.

  • Hersheys chocolate
  • Mcdonalds
  • Apple
  • Dominos pizza
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Target
  • Nike
  • Colgate
  • Axe
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Toyota
  • Netflix
  • Kohls
  • Aeropostle
  • Potash corp
  • Kellogs
  • Under Armer
  • Pepsi
  • Starbucks
  • Penara Bread
  • Coach
  • Google
  • Chevron corp
  • amazon
  • visa
  • mastercard

Ticker Symbols-
1. Is Revlon doing better or worse than the previous trading day? How do you know?
It has raised since yesterday. We know because the cost is greater.
2. Is Rite Aid nearer to its yearly high or low? Would this be a good time to purchase the stock? Explain.
It's closer to the yearly low. This would not be a good to time to buy this stock because it is low and it could go bankrupt.
3. What are the stock ticker symbols for Revlon and Rite Aid? Are you surprised? Explain.
The ticker symbol for revlon is REV, and rite aid is RAD.
4. Did either Revlon or Rite Aid pay a dividend?
No neither of them payed a dividend.
5. Which information shown on this web site would you consider most important for people to find out before purchasing the stock of a company? Explain.
The cost of the stock is most important because if its low you don't normally buy, and if it is high you will normally buy.
6. Would the same information be the most important information for people who already own stock in these companies? Explain
No, because they would look at if the stock is raising or lowering in the near future, to determine if they should buy and sell.
7. What would you guess was the market trend on this particular day? Explain what information led you to this conclusion.
The market trend for that particular day for revlon was high, and for rite aid it was low. The information that was used was the graphs.

Compound Interest

Amount Invested
Interest Rate
Three Year Total Value
Years to Double (Rule of 72)

Amount Invested
Interest Rate
Length of Investment
Amount Earned
3 yrs
5 yrs
10 yrs
15 yrs
Dividends and Earnings
Activity Sheet 2: Calculating Dividends
Situation 1:
Investor one earns $300
Investor two earns $450
Investor three earns $1,55
Investor four earns $1,875
Situation 2:
Investor one earns $6,000
Investor two earns $9,000
Situation 3:
With this extra money, company c can hire more workers, and expand their company overseas.
Situation 4:
The investor gained $2,940 and lost $2,060.
Situation 5:
The investor lost $257.50, because at first they had spent a lot more money and they had to sell their stocks for less.
Situation 6:
Since the investor received more money, their net profit went up by $5,000.

1. Why might someone close to retirement be more interested in the dividends paid by investments than a young investor?
They will be more interested, because they need the money because they are saving up for retirement and the young investor can make more money.
2. What other measures of a company’s “health” would you like to have before deciding to invest in the company?
You would have to measure how much they gain and lose over a period of time, and how quickly they bounced back from the recession.