1. Why did Milton think his chocolate candy would sell?
Milton thought his chocolate candy would sell because the caramels were too rich to eat everyday, but he thought that chocolate would be less rich and much more affordable.
2. Where did he get the money to start making chocolate?
He got money to start making chocolate from his mother's side of the family. He also had left over money from selling his caramel company.
3. What type of company did Hershey have before he incorporated?
He had a caramel company.
4. What benefits do you think Milton gained from forming a corporation?
He learned a lot about businesses and how they worked. He also had the ability to sell stocks.
5. Why would people today want to invest in the Hershey Company?
People want to invest in Hershey Company because it is a very successful company.

Year 3: 1, 061 x .03= 1,061 = 1,093
Three year total value) Years to double: 72 divided by 3 =24.

Amount Invested
Interest Rate
Three Year Total Value
Years to Double (Rule of 72)
Part 2: Using the following table, determine the value of a $1,000 investment after three years, 5, 10, and 15 years when the interest rate remains the same.

Amount Invested
Interest Rate
Length of Investment
Amount Earned
3 yrs
5 yrs
10 yrs
15 yrs
1. Why might someone close to retirement be more interested in the dividends paid by investments than a young investor?
They would be more interested because it would set them up for retirement.
2. What other measures of a company’s “health” would you like to have before deciding to invest in the company?
We'd like to make sure that their "health" is generally good.

Situation 1

You'd multiply each investors shares by three to find out the dividend. Investor one got 300, Investor two got 450, Investor three got 1,500, and Investor four got 1,875.

Situation 2

Compony B would give investor one 1,500, and investor two would give 2,250 at the end of the year.

Situation 3

Since Company C did not pay a dividend they could use their money to manufacture a new product.

Situation 4

The net profit/loss is 2,940 for the investor.

Situation 5

Investor 3's profit lost is 3,040

Situation 6

=Midway Presentation of the SMG Project=Kolbi invested in manufacturing... Matt invested in Food and Gaming... Kendra invested in Entertainment and clothing. I was going to invest in Entertainment but after I had looked around I found some other things that caught my interest. I first invested in entertainment since it seems to be one of the biggest factors in an americans life. We listen to our ipods, surf the internet, listen to the radio, and of course watch TV. And that's also why I started investing in my other stocks like Amazon and Abercrombie. Those two stores are known by almost every US teen so why not invest? I invested in Amazon (AMZN), Abercrombie and Fitch (ANF), Disney (DIS), and CBS broadcasting (CBS). My shares are currently doing very well. Abercrombie's current value is 5,269.00 and they are not losing any money currently. Amazon's current value is 18,553.00 and they aren't loosing money either. Disney of course hasn't lost any money either, it's every childs dream and its current value is 7,853.00. CBS is a world wide known broadcasting company and their current value is 3,974.00 they too aren't losing losing any money.


Introduction: To offer a forum for teams for present their financial investment strategies and to listen to peer criticism.

Purpose: For teams to orally and formally (written report) defend their investment knowledge, while gaining peer review criticism.

Due Date: During the week of January 18-21; 200 points

Tasks: Each team is to write a narrative report detailing their previous 20-week investment strategy to include a visual presentation of data using Prezi:

  1. A written report detailing the rational for why your team has invested the initial $100,000 into the particular industrial market corporations - supported with information and data. (rubric)
  2. Create at least three graphs (a bar, circle, and line) supporting your written information and data. (rubric)
  3. Using Prezi, a web-based presentation application and storytelling tool, integrate your graphs and oral narrative for a supportive visual presentation. (rubric)
  4. Oral report needs to last at least 10-minutes. (rubric)

Wikipedia is to be used as a starting point for your team's research and not used as a final reference sourc