1. Why did Milton think his chocolate candy would sell?
Milton thought his candy would sell because you can eat it everyday, unlike Carmel, which is too rich to eat every day.

2. Where did he get the money to start making chocolate?

Royer Milton got the money to start making chocolate from his mother's family. When he needed more money they would lend it to him.

3. What type of company did Hershey have before he incorporated?
He opened the Spring Garden Confectionary Works in 1876, but that failed. Then he started the Lancaster Caramel Company, and that went well for a while, but then that failed too.

4. What benefits do you think Milton gained from forming a corporation?

Milton got a lot of money from starting this corporation. Also he got a corporation that would last for a long time.
5. Why would people today want to invest in the Hershey Company?

People would want to buy a stock in the Hershey Company because almost everyone in the world likes Hershey Chocolate. So the stock would get a lot of money from every person that buys Hershey Chocolate and there are many types of chocolate that Hershey makes so you will make lots of money from a Hershey stock. That's why people would buy a Hershey stock.

  • Is Revlon doing better or worse than the previous trading day? How do you know?
  • Revlon is doing better because yesterday its high was right above 12.80. Today its high was around 13.2. i know because i looked at the chart for 5 days and looked at the highest point for Monday and then i looked at the highest point for Tuesday.
  • Is Rite Aid nearer to its yearly high or low? Would this be a good time to purchase the stock? Explain.
  • Rite Aid's high was 1.69 its low was 0.89. It's currently at 0.94. So it is closer to its yearly low. I think purchasing a stock for Rite Aid right now would not be a smart choice. I think that because the price is not raising that high and sometimes it even goes back down sometimes. On Monday is was very low then it was high again. So it's a very unpredictable stock. That's way i think buying it would not be a wise choice.
  • What are the stock ticker symbols for Revlon and Rite Aid? Are you surprised? Explain.
  • Revlon's is REV, which didn't suprise me bcause its the first three letters. Rite Aid's ticker symbol is RAD, which did suprise me, because although those letters are in the name, they are not one after the other, and besides, the last 2 letters are in the second half of the company name.
  • Did either Revlon or Rite Aid pay a dividend?
  • Revolon paid a dividend.
  • Which information shown on this web site would you consider most important for people to find out before purchasing the stock of a company? Explain.
  • I would think it would be if it is a good stock like if it has a high stock all the time.
  • Would the same information be the most important information for people who already own stock in these companies? Explain.
  • Yes, because people would want to know when to sell the stock and when to hold on to it.
  • What would you guess was the market trendon this particular day? Explain what information led you to this conclusion
  • Conservative, Moderate or Speculative
    Directions: Decide if the following investments are conservative, moderate or speculative by explaining your answer in complete sentences.

    Investment 1: Jax Company provides gas and electric to your area. Its stock has risen slowly and steadily over the last two years. It pays an annual dividend of $4 per share per year. You own 200 shares, so the company pays you a yearly dividend of $800. What type of risk are you taking by investing in Jax Company? Explain
  • It would be conservative, because there stock has been doing well for a while and doesn't show any signs of wildly decreasing any time soon.

    Investment 2: Watching the news, you learn a new drug is coming out that supposedly makes children smarter. You’ve never heard of the drug manufacturer, but you decide to invest in this company. Why wouldn’t we want our children smarter? If you have no other information and plan to invest in this drug company, what kind of risk are you taking? Explain.
  • This is a speculative

    Investment 3: Interior Electric announces it is creating an all-electric car, but it hasn’t come out yet. Based on the news, its stock price has increased 20% in one month. If you buy the stock now, what type of risk are you taking? Explain.

    Investment 4: ALLON Clothing Company’s profits have almost doubled this year. The price of the stock has gone up from $48 to $56 over the same period. If you were to invest in this stock, what degree of risk would this investment present? Explain.

  • ||= Amount Invested ||= Interest Rate ||= Three Year Total Value ||= Years to Double (Rule of 72) ||
  • ||= $1000 ||= 3% ||= 1093 ||= 364.33 ||
  • ||= $1000 ||= 5% ||= 55.13 ||= 18.38 ||
  • ||= $1000 ||= 8% ||= 93.31 ||= 31.10 ||
  • ||= $1000 ||= 10% ||= 1331 ---------- 55.46 ||

  • || Amount Invested || Interest Rate || Length of Investment || Amount Earned ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 3 yrs || 1190.8 ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 5 yrs || 4.28688 ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 10 yrs || 3.3334779 ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 15 yrs-----------2.5921123 ||

  • ||= $1000 ||= 3% ||= ||= ||
  • ||= $1000 ||= 5% ||= ||= ||
  • ||= $1000 ||= 8% ||= ||= ||
  • ||= $1000 ||= 10% ||= ||= ||

  • Part 2: Using the following table, determine the value of a $1,000 investment after three years, 5, 10, and 15 years when the interest rate remains the same.

  • || Amount Invested || Interest Rate || Length of Investment || Amount Earned ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 3 yrs || ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 5 yrs || ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 10 yrs || ||
  • || $1000 || 6% || 15 yrs || ||

  • Assessment
  • Be able to discuss in small group discussion the knowledge you individually gained.